Sunday, January 30, 2011

Passing Strangers

Passing Strangers
Originally uploaded by Kenny Maths
January 23rd, 2011


Congrats on tying for 1st place in the weekly photo contest with this outstanding capture Kenny :-)

Photographers notes:
The things I do to take (as in this case) freeze off (almost!) my fingers and toes while trying to get this shot earlier today.

Perhaps the one positive thing to come from Edinburgh's shambolic (and vastly expensive) tram project is the 'causeway' running along the middle of Princes Street which (as photographic luck would have it) is just wide enough to set up a tripod. An absolute bargain for £580 million (and counting).

The traffic flow along Princes Street is not what it once was (since it's limited to buses, taxis ). As such, I wasn't able to get a single shot where there were good light trails on both sides...AND the Ferris Wheel was in motion.

So, what you see here is an amalgamation of my best left and right side shots.