Friday, September 23, 2011

Bathing In Stars

Bathing In Stars by mj.foto
Bathing In Stars, a photo by mj.foto on Flickr.

September 16th, 2011

Congrats on being voted 2nd place in the weekly photo contest with this fabulous capture Mark :-)

Via Flickr:
Last week's trip to Hidden Peaks was somewhat disappointing. There was no reward for lugging 45 pounds of gear and food in the back country (though the view was still awesome at 7000 ft). No sunset nor sunrise photography. No astrophotography. The ideas I had just had to wait another week.

This weekend, I drove to Oregon with my cousins and siblings. Car camping this time. Trillium Lake was our first option, but all of the spots including 18 first-come-first-serve spots were taken. A quick call to the ranger station and we found us a spot at Clear Lake. The view wasn't as spectacular as the view from Trillium Lake. Still, we had plenty of fun, good food, and plenty of photo op.

The photo above was taken during our second night. Thanks to my cousin and his girlfriend; they were patient enough to stay still for 30 seconds with bugs swarming their faces.